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NATO Watches Karadzic Premises

April 2, 1998

PALE, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ Hundreds of NATO soldiers and 50 armored personnel carriers swarmed around the house and former offices of Radovan Karadzic, Bosnia’s No. 1 war crimes suspect, for several hours Thursday.

The huge military presence in Karadzic’s headquarters of Pale, a former skiing village east of Sarajevo, was part of a routine inspection, NATO officals insisted.

Before withdrawing, 300 Italian troops from the NATO-lead peacekeeping force inspected the work of the Bosnian Serb special police.

In the afternoon, 50 German troops reinforced them with an additional number of heavy vehicles that blocked up village and Serb headquarters, NATO officals said.

Since last year, NATO monitors and regularly inspects the Special Police Forces’ facilities and equipment.

Karadzic, who as leader of breakaway Serb forces in Bosnia was blamed for some of the worst atrocities of the 3 1/2-year war, has been indicted by an international tribunal on charges of war crimes and genocide.

There has been speculation for months that NATO may attempt to arrest Karadzic, who is believed to be still living in Pale _ although not necessarily in his well-guarded house.

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