‘Welcome To Taxylvania’

May 12, 2019

Editor: Pennsylvania’s new state slogan should be “Welcome to Taxylvania.” We have some of the highest gas taxes and car registration fees in the country and now the car tax. Years ago, we were promised that we would have some of the best roads in the country as a direct result of those fees but that never happened. Now, we have the new “rain” tax and brand new stormwater trucks are roaming the area doing what, I don’t know. Larksville residents are still paying additional sewer bills for a loan the borough took out decades ago to connect the borough to Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority lines. That loan was supposed to be paid off over 10 years ago but the sewer bills keep coming. Luzerne County has more government employees than many other larger counties. School taxes keep going up while the students’ tests scores keep going down. PennDOT is building roundabouts while other states are tearing them down because they just don’t work well. Private road construction firms can under-bid, out work and complete quality road construction jobs within budget and on time compared to PennDOT. So, tell me why we need them. The bottom line is that corruption is rampant in Pennsylvania. Just check the studies of how Pennsylvania rates for state government corruption. Luzerne County has the ideology that tax revenue is “free money” and unlike the taxpayers, the county simply refuses to live within its means and we are helpless to do anything about it because most Pennsylvania politicians will tell you whatever they have to do to get elected with no accountability. “Promises made, promises kept,” the mantra of our current president, is not something you will ever hear from a Pennsylvania politician and for good reason. J.E. Smith LARKSVILLE