Response to Dems’ response to Trump address: Darcy cartoon

January 10, 2019

Response to Dems’ response to Trump address: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- President Trump’s low energy Oval Office address on the border wall funding  didn’t result in any constructive action, but the Democrats response to it did.   

The odd optics/staging of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s and Rep Nancy Pelosi’s response resulted in an outpouring of viral mocking memes.  And a day later, Pelosi’s response to Trump resulted in him stomping out of meeting with Congressional leaders on the border wall and government shutdown.

Trump reportedly had to be talked into giving his Oval Office address, and he looked and sounded like it.   Schumer and Pelosi also looked like they didn’t want to be giving the Democrat response.  

The Democrat leaders stood in a large cold marble hallway, crammed behind a single podium, looking like they had been made up by a mortician or theater makeup artist.      I kept expecting to see a sweating Sen Marco Rubio reach in and offer Schumer and Pelosi bottles of water.

Trump will be further frustrated to know that Schumer and Pelosi upstaged him by earning higher viewership ratings than his first Oval Office address.   However it appears those viewers were too busy creating mocking memes of the odd Schumer-Pelosi scene to actually listen to what they were saying.

Tlaib’s Trump response looked worse than Pelosi and Schumer’s.

As bad as the optics looked in the Chuck and Nancy show, Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s response to Trump was even worse.   

On the day Tlaib was sworn into Congress, she shared with her supporters that she had comforted her son about Trump by telling him, “We’re going to go in and impeach the mother******!”

Both Democrats and Republicans denounced Tlaib’s comment.   For Democrat leaders, Tlaib invoking immediate impeachment of Trump was as offensive as the extreme vulgarity she used. 

Under Pelosi and Schumer, Democrat’s official line is that impeachment is a last resort  that should only be considered after Mueller issues his report and its reviewed by Congress.

Tlaib has only partially apologized for her comments.  She said recently that she now views the incident as a “teachable moment.”  Tlaib said she understands she’s a member of Congress and doesn’t “want anything I say or do to distract us.”  The only thing she’ll apologize for was that it was a distraction.   Tlaib said she’ll″ never apologize for “being me...authentic, passionate and upset.”

Trump was right when he called her comments “disgraceful” and ” a great dishonor to her and her family.”   

Tlaib should fully apologize.  So should Trump for the multitude of times he’s brought great dishonor to himself, his family, the office of the presidency, The United States of America and its Constitution. 

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