Senator Maryanne Jordan introduces bill to “Add the Words” to Idaho Human Rights Act

January 19, 2019
Senator Maryanne Jordan

The final bill introduced today on the Idaho Senate floor came from Senator Maryanne Jordan who brought forward legislation to add four words to Idaho’s Human Rights Act. Under the bill, discrimination in employment, housing and other areas based on a person’s “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” would be prohibited. Violators would be subject to investigation and potential civil penalties.

“The legislature continues to ignore the pleas of LGBTQ Idahoans, their families and friends,” Jordan said. “It’s time for all Idahoans to have equal protection under the law.”

Currently, individuals can be fired, denied service or kicked out of their homes based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Idaho Democratic legislators have consistently introduced “add the words” legislation over the years, citing principles of freedom, fairness and compassion.

“No one should lose their housing, their job or the ability to enjoy a meal simply because of who they are or who they love. This is for our kids, our grandkids, our neighbors, friends and loved ones. We will continue to fight for the freedom and liberty of all Idahoans until they are granted.”

For more information, you can contact Hailie Johnson-Waskow, Communications Director, House/Senate Democrats at (208) 401-8279 or hlwaskow@gmail.com.

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