PARIS (AP) _ Workers at the Eiffel Tower ended a strike Thursday night, allowing France's most popular tourist attraction to open for the first time in two days.

Workers protesting the dismissal of a colleague said they were satisfied with management's explanation of the firing, said Martine Varenne, a tower spokeswoman.

The tower reopened at around 7:30 p.m. and was to stay open until midnight, its usual summer closing time.

About 25,000 visitors were turned away when the workers went on strike Wednesday, resulting in a loss of about $167,000, Varenne said.

Angry workers had demanded that management reinstate their dismissed co-worker, who was fired earlier this week for mistreating a British tourist suffering from vertigo.

According to witnesses, the worker shouted at and shoved the tourist when he declined to take an elevator to the second level.

The Eiffel Tower draws more than 5 million tourists every year.