Frequent, short breaks: What are modified calendar schools?

July 24, 2018

Modified calendar schools are a growing concept -- but what are they really?

Tuesday is day two of a new year at Southeast Raleigh High School, and students on the school’s unique schedule will get two weeks off between each nine-week period of classes. The concept is similar to year-round schools, although summer break is longer than year-round and shorter than traditional.

“We do have a moderate summer,” said Stephanie Smith, principal of Southeast Raleigh. “It’s very short. It’s about a month. What our students and parents will say is that they won’t have that lull from learning like you would typically have with a traditional calendar.”

There are seven schools in the school district that use this calendar, and East Garner Elementary and East Wake Middle joined the list this school year.

Southeast Raleigh is the only high school on this schedule, which officials hope will provide hands-on, college prep for students.

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