Diamondbacks first. Jon Jay grounds out to first base to Matt Carpenter. Paul Goldschmidt strikes out on a foul tip. Jake Lamb singles to shallow center field. A.J. Pollock walks. Jake Lamb to second. David Peralta singles to shallow left field. A.J. Pollock to second. Jake Lamb scores. Ketel Marte grounds out to second base, Kolten Wong to Matt Carpenter.

1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 left on. Diamondbacks 1, Cardinals 0.

Cardinals second. Yadier Molina singles to shallow right field. Jedd Gyorko doubles to deep left field. Yadier Molina to third. Yairo Munoz singles to left field. Jedd Gyorko to third. Yadier Molina scores. Kolten Wong out on a sacrifice fly to deep center field to A.J. Pollock. Jedd Gyorko scores. Jack Flaherty lines out to right field to Jon Jay. Yairo Munoz doubled off first.

2 runs, 3 hits, 0 errors, 1 left on. Cardinals 2, Diamondbacks 1.

Diamondbacks fifth. Nick Ahmed doubles to deep left field. Jeff Mathis called out on strikes. Zack Greinke grounds out to second base, Kolten Wong to Matt Carpenter. Nick Ahmed to third. Jon Jay hit by pitch. With Paul Goldschmidt batting, Jon Jay steals second. Paul Goldschmidt homers to right field. Jon Jay scores. Nick Ahmed scores. Jake Lamb grounds out to shortstop, Yairo Munoz to Matt Carpenter.

3 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 0 left on. Diamondbacks 4, Cardinals 2.