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Program Vendor Sues Diamondbacks

September 18, 1999

PHOENIX (AP) _ A Phoenix man is challenging the Arizona Diamondbacks off the field, alleging the organization is trying to force him out of the baseball program business.

Scott Fader, owner of the ``Beat on Baseball,″ sued the Diamondbacks in U.S. District Court in Phoenix. The lawsuit alleges the Diamondbacks are violating federal and state antitrust laws by cutting the price of their program to get a monopoly.

The Diamondbacks’ official program was sold for $5 at the start of last season, then was cut to $3, and now sells for $1, the same price as the ``Beat on Baseball.″

Diamondbacks president Richard Dozer didn’t return calls seeking comment on the lawsuit Friday. Dozer has said the program costs more than $1 to print, but that the price was cut to increase circulation.

In addition to accusing the ball club of being anti-competitive, Fader says the Diamondbacks have engaged in slander by calling his publication ``pornographic.″

The back cover of the ``Beat″ has an advertisement for an adult entertainment club but it shows only a woman’s head.

Fader also accuses the Diamondbacks of improperly preventing him from selling his programs in the plazas leading to the stadium’s entrance.

The lawsuit claims the area is a public plaza because the ballpark is owned by the Maricopa County Stadium District, which leases the space to the Diamondbacks.

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