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Evidence Indicates Order Members In Denver When Berg Slain

October 17, 1985

SEATTLE (AP) _ Several alleged members of The Order, bent on eliminating enemies in a racist revolution, gathered in Denver about the time Jewish radio host Alan Berg was killed in a machine-gun attack, according to evidence in their federal racketeering trial.

A fingerprint, hotel registrations and a series of telephone calls were among evidence presented Wednesday as prosecutors built a case that a four-man Order death squad killed Berg on June 18, 1984.

Additional evidence about the killing was expected to be presented today in the sixth week of the racketeering trial against 10 alleged Order members.

Berg, a Jew, was a caustic critic of anti-Semites and right-wing extremists. His death is one of many crimes attributed to the defendants and 13 others named in a racketeering indictment. The government claims they were plotting a racist revolution against Jews, minorities and the government.

The government contends that defendant Bruce Carroll Pierce fired the Ingram MAC 10 machine gun that killed Berg with 12 bullets.

Robert Mathews, the late founder and leader of the Order, and Richard Scutari stood lookout, while defendant David Lane drove the getaway car, the government says. Defendant Jean Craig allegedly watched Berg’s movements before the killing.

Scutari is the only indictee who remains at large. Mathews was killed Dec. 8 in a shootout with federal agents on Whidbey Island.

Leroy W. Walton, an FBI fingerprint expert from Washington, D.C., testified Wednesday that he identified one of Pierce’s fingerprints on a registration card from a Laramie, Wyo., motel. The registration card, dated June 15, 1984, was in the name of Joseph Shelby of Idaho Falls.

Other evidence indicated that person made an advance registration through the motel to stay in Denver the following night.

Registration cards from the Denver motel indicated Shelby, which the government said was Pierce’s alias, and another person stayed there June 16-18.

In addition, telephone records from pay phones at the Denver motel showed that several calls were made to people with links to Order members. Two calls were made June 17 and 18 to the Laramie home of Zillah Craig, Mathews’ girlfriend and the mother of his child.

Ms. Craig is also the daughter of Jean Craig.

Another phone call from the motel was made to the Stuart, Fla., home of Annette Hatton, who testified that she knew Scutari when he was her daughter’s karate teacher in Stuart and stayed in touch with him by phone.

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