Bayard Public Schools completes facility upgrades and new kindness initiatives

August 31, 2018

BAYARD — As students and staff returned to the classroom at Bayard Public Schools, students will not only grow their academic skills, but also become better stewards through kindness.

While teaching students core competencies, the faculty at Bayard Public Schools Junior and Senior High School are implementing a LEAD program. The LEAD program is an extension of The Leader in Me initiative established by Dr. Stephen Covey. In the high school, homeroom will be renamed Leadership Development. Curriculum will focus on leadership qualities from leading self and others to career essentials and college readiness.

At the junior high level, keyboarding and reading classes are being replaced to emphasize leadership development to best prepare students for their lives after school.

In partnership with Franklin Covey, Bayard Public Schools will offer students materials to develop skills sought after by Fortune 500 companies. This effort was funded through the School Support and Academic Enrichment Grant of $78,302.

Another step the district is taking to make students more productive citizens is #BeKind. The #BeKind movement arouse after Superintendent Dr. Travis Miller’s friend had a son commit suicide. In response to the tragedy, the district hopes the #BeKind movement promotes a culture of kindness.

Elementary Principal Mr. Matthew McLaughlin shared how the elementary building was recently repainted to brighten the environment. Beyond asthetics, students academic achievement will also be recognized. “One of the thing we want to do is express who we are and what we’re proud of, so all of the pictures in these main walls will highlight the seal,” he said. Within the seal, the district is focusing on academics, arts, opportunity, agriculture, community, and athletics that students’ classroom assignments will highlight around the building.

As the school year began, the district sold t-shirts with the hashtag. It ties into the Rachel’s Challenge initiative to act with kindness and compassion. At the elementary level, students will connect leadership with good deeds. “On September 11 our students are going to go to the Midwest Theater to engage in the Rachel’s Challenge project,” said Superintendent Miller.

With the school year just beginning, staff and students are working to showcase their sense of pride not only for their schools but also for where they live. By instilling the core values of leadership and kindness in the schools, the district hopes to offer programs that prepare their students for success. As teachers show students about soft skills and ethics, partnership with the public will offer an extension of classroom learning to provide a successful educational experience and diverse opportunities.


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