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Highway Worker Finds Woman’s Missing Two-Carat Diamond

February 7, 1996

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) _ A diamond really was this girl’s best friend.

Robin Esslinger’s two-carat diamond and gold wedding band slipped off her finger and out her car window as she sped down a highway. A day later, the gem was back.

A highway worker found the $20,000 ring Monday while checking for potholes. The ring appeared to have been run over but only the band was damaged.

Esslinger said she was driving along Sunday, dangling her left hand from an open window, when the ring fell off. She searched in vain along Interstate 40 for four hours and later told police and the state Highway Department.

Esslinger offered the worker, Farrel McKay, a cash reward, which he refused, saying state law forbids it. She gave him a King James Bible instead.

``I don’t believe you found it and you were honest enough to give it back,″ she told McKay.

``I have a conscience,″ he replied.

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