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Brazen thief steals bag of money at Cyprus wedding

October 28, 2013

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Talk about a wedding crasher.

A man wearing a stocking over his head dashed into a Cyprus wedding reception and — in front of the shocked newlyweds and their guests— made off with a bag filled with cash and checks from well-wishers.

Countless Cypriot brides and grooms rely on such traditional bags of money to help build their nest egg, and thieves rarely target them.

The bags often contain thousands of euros. They are all the more important in Cyprus these days because of the island’s economic crisis.

The weekend robbery occurred in the town of Limassol.

Spokesman Andreas Angelides said Monday that police have detained a 32-year-old who fits the culprit’s build and other general description and are still investigating.

But they haven’t found the bag or the money.

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