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Developments Fast in Breaking Spy Ring With PM-Spy Case Rdp Bjt

June 6, 1985

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) _ Here is a chronology of events in the formation and investigation of what the FBI says is a spy ring run by John A. Walker Jr. that has sold military secrets to the Soviet Union for 20 years.

-1965 or 1966: ″Walker began his espionage activities sometime about 1966-68 while enlisted in the U.S. Navy,″ FBI informants say in an affidavit.

-1969-71: Walker is communications officer at Submarine Forces Atlantic headquarters in Norfolk. In 1969 and again in 1971, the FBI says, Walker goes to the Washington area and leaves a paper bag near a tree alongside a road.

An FBI informant says the bag contained classified documents and that Walker received $35,000 cash on one of the trips.

-1970-71: Walker and Jerry A. Whitworth are assigned to the Navy’s Radioman ″A″ school at the Naval Training Center in San Diego.

-1973: Arthur Walker retires from the Navy.

-1975-1976: John Walker becomes staff communicatons officer at Naval Surface Forces Atlantic in Norfolk.

-1976: John Walker retires from the Navy and is divorced from Barbara Joy Crowley in Durham, N.C.

-1978: John Walker’s daughter, Laura, enlists in the Army and spends a year at Fort Polk, La. FBI affidavits say during that time her father tried to recruit her into the spy ring.

-1982: Michael Walker enlists in the Navy.

-1983: Whitworth retires from the Navy.

-May-August 1984: The FBI receives three letters from ″RUS, Somewhere, USA,″ offering to help expose a ″significant espionage system″ in exchange for immunity. RUS, whom the FBI believe is Whitworth, later withdrew the offer.

-Late 1984: Barbara Crowley Walker and Laura Walker Snyder tip off the FBI to the alleged spying activities, Mrs. Walker says.

-Early 1985: The FBI in Norfolk begins surveillance of John Walker and taps the phones in his home, office and boat.

-May 19: FBI agents follow John Walker from Norfolk to Potomac, Md., lose contact at 5 p.m., pick him up again at 7:45 p.m. and observe him get out of his van near a tree with a ″no hunting″ sign at 8:37 p.m.

At 9:31 p.m., an agent finds a paper bag next to the same tree. In it is an envelope with 129 secret Navy documents, a note, two letters and a film strip. Agents also see Soviet Vice Consul Aleksey Gavrilovich Tkachenko nearby.

-May 20: Walker is arrested in Rockville, Md., and held without bond.

-May 21: Michael Walker is detained for questioning aboard the Nimitz in Haifa, Israel.

-May 22: Michael Walker is arrested and charged with espionage. Tkachenko leaves the United States.

-May 28: John and Michael Walker are indicted in Baltimore on espionage charges.

-May 29: Arthur Walker is arrested at his Virginia Beach home.

-June 3: Whitworth surrenders in San Francisco. Arthur Walker asks for a court-appointed lawyer. Two lawyers are assigned and win a postponement of his prelimanary hearing until June 12.

-June 4: John and Michael Walker plead innocent. The IRS places a lien on John Walker’s assets, saying he owes $250,000 in personal income taxes.

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