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Deadly Gunfire in Gaza Strip

December 2, 2001

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JERUSALEM (AP) _ Palestinians opened fire on Israeli vehicles in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, killing an Israeli, the military said. Five others were wounded before soldiers killed the two attackers.

The attack took place in a civilian area near two Israeli settlements in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The site was near a firing range next to the regional military command post, the military said.

Earlier reports said the gunmen infiltrated the shooting range.

Yerucham Mandola, a rescue services spokesman, said five people were wounded as gunfire hit the Israeli vehicles. He said heavy exchanges of fire between soldiers and the armed Palestinians delayed ambulances that tried to get to the scene.

The attack came nine hours after suicide bombers blew themselves up in downtown Jerusalem, killing 10 people and themselves and wounding more than 150.

Several weeks ago armed Palestinians entered one of the settlements in Gaza and killed two Israelis before they were shot dead.

On Thursday, a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus in northern Israel, killing himself and three Israelis, just as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was about to leave for the United States. Sharon denounced that attack, but decided to go ahead with the trip.

After the attack in Jerusalem, Sharon decided to cut short his trip, bringing forward his meeting with President Bush to later Sunday before returning to Israel.

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