Evers and Republicans work together this week

May 3, 2019

Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday signed a bill into law that would remove use of the phrase “mental retardation” and all of its derivatives from state administrative code. The bill, authored by state Rep. John Jagler, R-Watertown, and state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, replaces the phrase with “intellectual disability.”

“I’m glad that the governor has decided to sign this bill. This term has no place in Wisconsin’s administrative code and our bill offers a permanent fix to this problem,” Fitzgerald said. “I want to thank my Assembly colleague, Rep. Jagler, for his work on this, and thank the governor for taking swift action on our legislation.”

In 2011, Act 126 was signed into law, deleting the former phrase from all state statutes. However, this older terminology was still found in the state’s administrative code in rules promulgated by numerous state agencies. Senate Bill 19 substitutes the phrase “intellectual disability,” striking the former phrase.