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<Head: THE LAST WORD WITH LAWRENCE O`DONNELL for January 9, 2018, MSNBC - Part 2>

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<Byline: Lawrence O`Donnell, Tim O`Brien>

<Guest: Ron Klain, Ned Price, David Frum>

<High: Senator Feinstein reached the breaking point with her Republican

colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee. "The Daily Beast" is

reporting that a senior National Security Council official proposed

withdrawing some U.S. military forces from Eastern Europe as an overture to

Vladimir Putin during the early days of the Trump administration.>

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LAWRENCE O`DONNELL, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: David, your reaction to what we learned in the testimony.

DAVID FRUM, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well I have a much more parochial reaction which is about the press coverage`s. As Ned said, the Republican staffers treated this document in a way that is very different from reality. The journalists who relied on and trusted those staffers I think have been led into some dead-ends that make those journalists. I won`t use names but if you`re familiar with this debate you know who they are.

I think a lot of those people look a little silly today. They look like their confidence was abused. One of the things I hope as a journalist you do is learn the lesson. If the people you trust and rely on deceive you that you need to hold them to account. Maybe not even publicly, but in your own work to say you guys gave me bad information and you made me look foolish.

And now I have to hold you to account and not trust you again in the future. I hope those journalists who have been giving the Republican staffers a good time will take this to heart if they`re enough minded or their institutions are independent enough to allow them to do so.

O`DONNELL: We have to take a break here. before we do, I just want to go back and double underline a point made by David Frum, which is the likelihood, the possibility that the source of this leak today about Kevin Harrington and the NSC and this proposal to move troops to please Vladimir Putin, that the possible source of that is Steve Bannon. That is one of the more fascinating developments and ways of looking at this story. And David and that would be a kind of Bannon revenge that could keep on giving for a very long time. We`re going have to leave there it for this break.

Ned Price, thank you very much for joining us. David, please stick around. Coming up today in the cabinet room it was the very stable genius versus the banished evil genius who is actually no longer in that room. And thanks to Michael Wolff`s new book, no longer even has a job.


O`DONNELL: Today in the cabinet room, it was the very stable genius versus the evil genius. But the evil genius of the Trump Whitehouse no longer works in the Trump Whitehouse, and no longer works anywhere. Steve Bannon was forced out of his job at Breitbart today. Steve Bannon was fired from the Whitehouse by the President on august 18th of last year, and last week Steve Bannon was attacked by the President who now calls himself a very stable genius after Michael Wolff`s book Fire and Fury revealed Bannon`s description and others` description of a President incapable of reading, incapable of processing information, incapable of in any real way fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of his office.

And surrounded in the Whitehouse by his daughter and son-in-law and other enablers who are described in the book as incapable of doing their jobs, as incapable as the President is of doing his job. Trumpism is Bannonism. and there is nothing as important in Bannonism than building a wall on the southern border and pushing back across that border wall the 12 million or more people that have crossed that border illegally, along with everyone related to them, including the young beneficiaries of the DACA Program created by President Obama.

Today Steve Bannon had to be rolling over in his political grave as the President engaged in a televised discussion with Democrats and Republicans in the Cabinet Room in which the President immediately agreed with everything that every Democrat said and then immediately agreed with everything that every Republican said, never realizing that it is impossible to agree with all of those things, most of which I are in conflict. If the evil genius was still in the room with the very stable genius, either that meeting would have never taken place, or the President might have done a better job of actually holding to what used to be the Trump-Bannon position.

Here is Senator Dianne Feinstein getting the President to agree to legislate a quick fix for the DACA kids and put off all other issues until after that was done. Then watch what happens.



DONALD TRUMP, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: I have no problem. I think that`s basically what Dick is saying. We`re going to come out with DACA. We`re going to do DACA. And then we can start immediately on the phase two which would be comprehensive.

Yes, I would like that. Go ahead. I think a lot of people would like to see that. But I think we have to do DACA first.

UNDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, I don`t need to be clear, though. i think what Senator Feinstein is asking here, when we talk about just DACA, we don`t want to be back here two years later you. have you to have security as the Secretary would tell you.

TRUMP: but I think that`s what she is saying.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I think she is saying something different.


O`DONNELL: He had no idea what she was saying. Of course, back with us David Frum and Ron Klain. And Ron, you`ve been in those meetings in the Whitehouse, both as a Senate Staffer and as a Whitehouse Staffer.


O`DONNELL: What did you make of what we saw there today?

KLAIN: Another sterling episode of The Apprentice: Moron Edition. I mean you know President as disclosed in Michael Wolff`s book doesn`t read his briefing materials, doesn`t have any idea what he was doing, and basically was just trying to put on a show and trying to make it seem that he was at least sane. And I think he passed the sanity test perhaps for 55 minutes, but not the Presidential test.

He doesn`t really know what he stands for. He doesn`t know the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. And, look, the idea he is somehow coming around on immigration to a more compassionate position just seems profoundly unlikely to me in light of the fact yesterday he was revoking status for 200,000 Salvadorans.

So it was a nice show in the Cabinet Room. Another reality TV program but no presidenting and no progress.

O`DONNELL: Now let`s watch him agree to the position that was absolutely unthinkable for Donald Trump or Steve Bannon until Donald Trump agreed with it today. And that of course is a pathway to citizenship. Let`s look at this.


JEFF SESSIONS, ATTORNEY GENERAL, UNITED STATES: I`ve been for a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people because I have no animosity for them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would vote for a path to citizenship which isn`t very easy or the me, but I would do it just as an effort.

TRUMP: That whole path is an incentive for people. It would be an incentive for people to work hard and do a good job.


O`DONNELL: David Frum, he is actually making sense there. But he has no idea that he is contradicting himself.

FRUM: Well, President Obama as you recall did two of these kinds of events, one with the whole Republican caucus after the election of 2010, and one earlier in 2010 with health care. And in both cases, Republicans resented the encounter because President Obama was very forceful. He has strong views, and he took advantage of the power of the Presidency to wrong foot his opponents.

That`s not what you -- it`s the opposite here. Donald Trump, he just puffed with the wind. And for those people who look to Donald Trump to be an immigration enforcer, I think it must have been a very dispiriting event. There was no content to it at all.

The core Trumpian idea, or the core idea of Trump Supporters has always been that DACA -- some action on DACA had to be traded for some other things that Republicans wanted, reduction in overall numbers, reorientation of American Immigration Policy away from family reunification towards skills. And he is giving away the center part of his negotiation for nothing.

O`DONNELL: And Ron, what used to be the Bannon position and now that Bannon is completely shunned and banished and now completely unemployed, it`s being held up now by nothing other than Ann Coulter Tweets the Bannon position. Here is what Ann Coulter tweeted today. The DACA lovefest confirms a main thesis of Michael Wolff`s book. When Bannon left, liberal Dems, Jared, Ivanka, Cohn and Goldman Sachs took over. And then there was this other tweet by Ann Coulter saying nothing Michael Wolff could say about real Donald Trump has hurt him as much as the DACA love fest right now.

KLAIN: Well, I`m torn, Lawrence because I kind of wish what Ann Coulter said was true. But I think we`re forgetting one character here. The white nationalist Stephen Miller who still works in the Whitehouse and last week was writing Donald Trump`s talking points about this DACA negotiation.

And so you know I think it`s very unlikely that Donald Trump has changed his spots on immigration. And I think that, you know, just as unlikely as it is that Lucy is going to let Charlie Brown actually kick the football this time. I think we`re going see more of the same, more immigration bashing from Donald Trump and his Whitehouse.

O`DONNELL: so to prove the President is of sound mind and body, they put him in a room and watch him agree with every single speaker who speaks in conflict with the previous speaker. That`s their proof. Ron Klain, David Frum, thank you both for joining us tonight, really appreciate it.

KLAIN: Thank you.

FRUM: Thanks, Lawrence.

O`DONNELL: Coming up, Ivanka Trump brings even more disgrace to the Trump family by throwing a brick at the Time`s Up Movement.


O`DONNELL: She did not say time`s up when her father admitted to sexual assault.


TRUMP: you know, I`m automatically attracted to beautiful -- I just start kissing them. It`s like a Magnet. I just kiss. And when you`re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whatever you want.

TRUMP: Grab them by the (BLEEP). Do anything.


O`DONNELL: She did not say Time`s Up when over 20 women came forward with their accusations that her father had sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them. Ivanka Trump has been an active co-conspirator in the enabling and covering up of her father`s self-confessed lifetime of sexual assault and abuse. And the same Ivanka Trump had the depraved audacity as we reported at this hour last night to tweet this.

Just saw Oprah`s empowering and inspiring speech at last night`s Golden Globes. Let`s all come together, women and men and say Time`s Up. Michael Wolff, the author of the new book Fire and Fury was our guest last night when Ivanka Trump Tweeted that. And here was his reaction.


MICHAEL WOLFF, AUTHOR, FIRE AND FURY: Who does she think her father is?


O`DONNELL: In Michael Wolff`s book, Steve Bannon says that he and the Whitehouse staff realized very quickly in the Whitehouse that Ivanka Trump is, in Bannon`s words, dumb as a brick. We`ll have more on the brick that ivanka trump threw at the Time`s Up Movement with Ruth Marcus and Jessica Leads, one of the women who has said Time`s Up to Donald Trump, next.


O`DONNELL: Joining us now, Jessica Leads, one of the women who has accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. Also with us Ruth Marcus, Deputy Editorial Page Editor and Columnist at the Washington Post and Jessica Leads, what is it like for you to hear or read Ivanka Trump say, let`s all come together, men and women, time`s up?

JESSICA LEADS, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well it`s very hypocritical. And it`s unfortunate, too, because you don`t want to speak badly of the President`s family. They didn`t -- perhaps they didn`t ask for this job or whatever. But she`s totally misread her whole position and what`s going on in the world. totally.

O`DONNELL: Your incident with Donald Trump occurred on an airplane over 30 years ago?

LEADS: Correct.

O`DONNELL: And you know the first person she could have enlisted in this, you would think, would be her father. She said let`s all come together, women and men.

LEADS: If he had, at that debate, just stood up and said, oh, God, I was so stupid. That was years ago, I apologize, and move on, I wouldn`t have come forward.

O`DONNELL: Ruth Marcus, your reaction to this?

RUTH MARCUS, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well I think Jessica Leads is really being awfully nice, So I`m not going to follow suit. Michael Wolff said last night, who does Ivanka Trump think her father is? But my reaction to the tweet was kind of along the lines of, who does Ivanka Trump think she is? Really, she wants to pretend and act as if she cares about women and she cares about empowering women.

And she`s going to champion what Oprah had to say when she not only stood by when her father was credibly accused not just by JESSICA LEADS but of many other women of doing terrible things to them. Look, I have some sympathy for that because daughters want to respect their fathers. But she also first said that there is a special place in hell for people who prey on young girls after Roy Moore was credibly accused of doing that. And then just stood by silently when her father and the rest of his administration decided that it was much more important to make sure -- to try to make sure, anyway, that a Republican was elected to the senate rather than to stand up for what`s right.

So, you know, I`m Sorry, don`t Time`s Up me, Ivanka Trump.

O`DONNELL: Alyssa Milano tweeted back to her and said, great, you can make a lofty donation to the Time`s Up Legal Defense Fund that is available to support your father`s accusers. That would be quite a development in the Trump family.

LEADS: That would be. That absolutely would be. But I would have to -

MARCUS: You might want to get David (INAUDIBLE) to check and make sure that contribution is actually made. I`m sorry to interrupt you.

O`DONNELL: Go ahead Jessica.

O`DONNELL: No. It`s a matter of we`ve been threatened. But absolutely there`s been no movement. every once in a while I think I get up in the morning and think, if I get in his face one more time, he is going to come after me, but the fact remains -

O`DONNELL: Her father has specifically threatened you, among others, that he was going to sue you. He promised you that when he was a Presidential candidate. He has not done that.

LEADS: No. he has not done that at all. I`ve had a lot of people come forward to say they`ll represent me, but no, there`s been absolutely no suit.

O`DONNELL: Jessica leads, thank you very much for joining us. I really appreciate your time. Ruth Marcus, thank you for joining us. I really appreciate it.

MARCUS: Thanks.

O`DONNELL: tonight`s Last Word is next.


O`DONNELL: Time for tonight`s Last Word. Ruth Bader Ginsberg will not give Donald Trump a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Newsweek says Ruth Bader Ginsberg shows Trump she isn`t going anywhere by hiring law clerks for the 2019 term. The 84 year old Supreme Court Justice announced she has hired all her clerks who will serve through 2002, in other words, until there is another President of the United States.

As Newsweek points out, Justices who plan to step down usually don`t hire for the upcoming term. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has served on the United States Supreme Court since August 1993. Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets tonight`s Last Word. The 11th Hour with Brian Williams starts now.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, 11th HOUR ANCHOR: Tonight the full transcript is out of that one secret close door testimony before a Senate Committee. And tonight


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