Orchids and Onions: Thursday, December 20, 2018

December 20, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to those who can’t walk to the back of the store for milk and cheese. I hope you all head to Yuma and don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you leave.

Orchids to Calvary Baptist church and volunteers for hosting a wonderful dinner for the winter visitors. We truly enjoyed the evening. ND birds…

Onions to ex-wives warning my new girlfriend about me. I was born with Gila monster and rattlesnake blood. A desire to wander. No single woman can harness my desires. I’m a mountain man. Wild as a raging river. Be thankful ladies to have spent time in my arms. Please allow others the same.

Orchids to Dr. McGuire, came to the rescue again for my little Gucci. He is amazing. He is so caring about our Pets. Thank you so much. Gucci Yonda

Orchids to Cole and his dad. The lights you hung on my home outdoors are wonderful. Kind and thoughtful gentlemen and a reasonable price! Hope your Christmas is special. Mine already is.

Orchids to Tim Dairy Manager at Smith’s. Very helpful with helping get sale butter. Great employee!

Onions to people without coats in December for store opening. Bunions swollen, sitting on curb. How are your hemorrhoids now? Sounds like people with low IQ’S. Do you complain about every little thing where you come from? Please leave your complaints in your home state. Thank you

Orchids to the Quality Inn for our Christmas Party. The food and service was fabulous. Thanks The New Yorkers Of Havasu.

Onions to a friend of a friend recommending that I visit a “dispensary” for relief. I did. My pain is gone, but I’m now addicted to Mary Jane. Hungry all the time with red eyes to boot. Can’t seem to get enough. Worst part being my wallet’s always empty. Be forewarned!

Orchids to the local businesses that so graciously donated products and gift certificates for our Kid’s Ministry Volunteer Christmas Party. Too many to mention here, but you helped us thank our totally awesome Volunteers and Staff! Happy New Year!

Onions to the moving company. They don’t have a business license and uses other company’s moving trucks. The reason they are cheaper is because they don’t have proper insurance and are paying employees under the table.

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