Bruce Warner: We live among many psychopaths

November 9, 2018


According to recently published statistics approximately 1 percent of the total population are psychopaths. A person with a clinically psycho-pathological mind has no conscience with which to restrict themselves from acting-out his or her violent criminal impulses. When such a person, suffering from this type of mental illness, becomes obsessed with violent destructive thoughts against whatever angers them they become very dangerous. They often carry-out their violent criminal impulses without regard for their own safety or survival. They can be suicidal as well as homicidal, a deadly combination. The population of the United States is approximately 330 million. At 1 percent the number of psychopaths that live among us is approximately 3.3 million. They have made many horrendous news headlines in the past, and they will continue to make many horrendous news headlines in the future.

Bruce Warner

Lake Havasu City

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