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Man Accused of Burying Two Babies He Had With Daughter

April 19, 1995

SCOTTDALE, Pa. (AP) _ Finally confronted with the dark secrets of incest and infanticide his daughters kept for 27 years, Mendum Paul Corvin calmly told police where they could find the evidence.

Check the house in Scottdale where he once lived with his three daughters, Corvin said _ there, in the coal cellar, they might find the remains of a newborn girl he fathered in 1971 by his eldest daughter, then 15 years old.

Police said Corvin admitted burying the infant Monday after authorities unearthed the remains of another baby _ a boy _ that he fathered by the same daughter in 1968 when she was 12.

The daughter, now a 39-year-old bartender in Florida, had told police her father had buried the boy in the backyard of the family’s home in Boynton Beach, Fla.

Corvin calmly described taking the baby girl from his daughter’s arms and laying it on the basement floor before burying it, said Scottdale Police Chief Tony Martin.

``He gave no medical assistance. He did not attempt to clear out the baby’s mouth. He took it down to the basement and allowed it to die,″ Martin said.

Police spent eight hours Tuesday hauling dirt from the cellar in buckets and wheelbarrows without finding any remains. They planned to resume digging this morning, and to examine a small, dirt-covered fragment to determine if it could be human remains, said District Attorney John Peck.

Corvin, a 61-year-old retired electrician who has had four heart attacks, checked into a hospital with chest pain after one of his daughters told him about the investigation Saturday.

Corvin was jailed on murder charges Monday night in the girl’s death, and Florida police arrived Tuesday to question him about the dead boy. No charges have been filed yet in the Florida case.

The family’s secret broke open when the boyfriend of Corvin’s eldest daughter went to police with the story that had plagued her for years, said Steven Gomberg, the woman’s lawyer.

``He’s a very well-meaning guy and cares a lot about her. There was some dispute, ongoing, which erupted over the weekend which led him to say, `That’s enough. I can’t live with this any longer,‴ Gomberg said.

Corvin’s two youngest daughters, now 36 and 34, also have accused Corvin of having sex with them repeatedly when they were children, said Sgt. Kevin McGowan of the Boynton Beach police. They did not bear children, he said.

Corvin’s eldest daughter wanted to keep the births secret from police, Gomberg said.

``All of a sudden, without her consent or approval, she has been thrown into a volcano, and she is just trying to stay out of the way,″ he said.

The womens’ mother and Corvin’s ex-wife, Rosina Corvin, also faulted the boyfriend for going to police.

``It was spiteful. It’s no one’s business,″ Mrs. Corvin said.

At the time of their 1970 divorce, Mrs. Corvin accused her husband in court of fondling the girls. The court gave him custody of the girls and they moved to Arizona.

``You always trust your husband, the father of your children, but he was no good. ... I guess I just closed my mind to it,″ Mrs. Corvin said. ``I didn’t want to believe such a thing was true.″

Corvin has since remarried.