10. Respond and report rapidly

August 10, 2018

Photo Credit: Andriy Blokhin / Alamy Stock Photo

Even if you take all these precautions, identity theft can still happen to you. If you find that you have been a victim, it’s important to act fast. Set up fraud alerts so credit agencies will need to take extra steps to verify your identity before issuing future credit. In addition, contact any financial, medical, or other institution related to the theft so they can watch for new suspicious activity.

There are also a number of government agencies you should report to. Create an Identity Theft Report by filing an Identity Theft Affidavit with the Federal Trade Commission and a police report with your local precinct. For suspected theft of your Social Security number, inform the Social Security Administration and the IRS. Finally, if you suspect that your identity was stolen through the U.S. mail or if a false change-of-address was issued, contact the Postal Inspection Service.

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