LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Monica Lewinsky, holding her father's hand, arrived at a federal building this morning to give handwriting, fingerprint and voice samples as part of the investigation into her alleged affair with the president.

``My daughter is a pawn. Kenneth Starr is trying to use her as a pawn to get the presidency. It is unfair. It is totally un-American,'' her father, Dr. Bernard Lewinsky told a crush of reporters surrounding them as they entered the building.

Wearing an olive green business suit and sunglasses, Ms. Lewinsky had no comment and looked forward without expression as she was met by five FBI agents.

Arriving at the federal building around 8:20 a.m. in a white Jeep Cherokee, Ms. Lewinsky's lawyer, William Ginsburg, would not comment. He would only say: ``Back off'' when confronted by reporters about an open letter published in a legal magazine.