Krist supports Medicaid expansion

October 5, 2018

NORFOLK - After collecting more than 133,000 signatures in July, Medicaid expansion will officially be on the ballot in Nebraska in November.

Senator Bob Krist of Omaha made a stop in Norfolk Tuesday on a gubernatorial campaign tour and told News Talk WJAG he supports expanding Medicaid and has voted to do so every time the measure has come up in the legislature.

Krist says the argument that the expansion would drain the state budget if approved is just scare tactics.

“If you look at the facts, we are spending 100 pennies on the dollar in programs right now that with this expansion on the ballot would allow us to draw down money from Medicaid and fund those programs at 90 cents on the dollar from the federal government, 10 cents here. Last time I checked that was 90 cents we were spending out of every dollar, so how that is going to bankrupt the state - I have no idea” Krist said.

He says 34 other states and the District of Columbia already have expanded Medicaid in some way.

If the expansion passes, 90,000 more Nebraskans would be provided with Medicaid health care benefits.

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