NEW YORK (AP) _ Kathie Lee Gifford says her co-host's wife would be the ideal replacement for her when she leaves ``Live with Regis and Kathie Lee'' this week.

Regis Philbin's wife, Joy, ``not only shares chemistry with Regis, but she has history with him,'' Gifford told Time magazine in the issue on newsstands Monday.

``It's such a fine line between how much to kiss his rear end and how much to kick it,'' she said. ``When I kick his rear end, people know I love him.''

After appearing on Broadway in ``Putting It Together'' and recording an album called ``Born for You,'' Gifford wants ``to spend more time being that fulfilled creatively.'' She figures she might end up on the big screen or back on the small one.

``I'm talking to networks about sitcoms and dramas,'' she said. ``I'm talking to movie producers.''