Sycamore council could approve license change for restaurant

May 20, 2019

SYCAMORE – A liquor license change may ensure Ristorante di Acquaviva remains in its downtown location.

City Council will decide Monday if Sycamore will grant another type of liquor license typicallly granted to bars, a resolution that may help owner Vito Brandonisio keep his restaurant in the city, he said May 9 at a council meeting. Brandonisio’s restaurant currently has a Class A license – a license meant for restuarants, according to the city code – but wants to switch to a Class B license because he has opened a new building next door with more of a bar atmospere, a resolution the council is in favor of passing, City Manager Brian Gregory said.

“The economy has gotten much stronger, and Sycamore has seen some establishments come and go,” Gregory said.

Class B licenses are meant for estasblishments whose sales are 80% alcholholic beverages, according to the city code. A maximum of 10 licenses are allowed for the first 12,000 residents and one for every additional three thousand.

The city has capped the number of bar licenses at 11, but the population is now at about 18,500, allowing for a 12th if the council chooses to approve the resolution, Gregory said.

“I love Sycamore, I want to be in Sycamore, I want to stay in Sycamore, but I need the council’s help,” Brandonisio has said.

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