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Canadian Becomes Longest Living Kidney Transplant Survivor

October 23, 1990

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (AP) _ Retired store clerk Milburn McKenzie passed an extraordinary anniversary this month.

The 65-year-old from Miniota, Manitoba, received a life-saving kidney transplant 25 years ago. According to an international transplant registry at the University of California, that makes McKenzie the longest living single- kidney transplant recipient in the world.

″I think I have been very lucky,″ McKenzie said. ″But I never celebrate (the anniversary) or anything. This year, I think I was helping my son build his deck.″

McKenzie received his transplant at Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital in 1965, when the procedure was still in its infancy.

McKenzie was born with a hereditary condition that caused tumors to grow on the kidneys, ultimately destroying them. When he was 21, one kidney was removed. Twenty years later, the other deteriorated and also had to be taken out.

He was on dialysis for about six weeks before a donor kidney became available.

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