Old Town businesses vandalized

October 9, 2018

A window was broken in a side door at Villano's Italian restaurant in a robbery that occurred early Saturday morning in Old Town Pocatello. The Grecian Key downtown was also broken into and vandalized.

Two Old Town Pocatello businesses were vandalized and burglarized early Saturday morning.

Villano’s Italian restaurant, 165 N. Main St., and the Grecian Key, 314 N. Main St., were both broken into during the early hours of Saturday morning before either restaurant opened.

Aaron Villano, the owner of Villano’s, said they do not leave cash in the restaurant, so the vandals did not get any money. They did, however, steal a few beers, Villano said.

The vandals broke in through the side door, breaking the glass. Villano said he is not yet sure of the monetary amount of damage caused.

According to Stephanie Palagi, the director of Old Town Pocatello, a minimal amount of money was stolen from the Grecian Key, and one window was broken in that restaurant, as well.

“Most of our merchants don’t leave lots of cash lying around,” Palagi said. “Unfortunately, vandalism happens in any community, so we all take precautions to make sure that if it does happen, losses are minimized.”

Villano posted a photo of the damage on the restaurant’s Facebook page, thanking those who helped to clean the store and enabled them to still open for their regular hours on Saturday.

“The biggest reason we put that on Facebook was because we had a big cop presence, and we wanted people to know why we were delayed a little bit and why all that action was going on,” Villano said.

He plans on installing cameras in the restaurant to assist police in the future and quell any potential future vandalism or burglary attempts.

Villano is thankful for the quick response from the Pocatello Police Department and the support of the community.

“People were so quick to pitch in and make sure that this wasn’t really a catastrophic event,” Villano said, “and made sure we bounced back really quickly.”

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