St. Faustina CCD Participates In Stations Of The Cross

April 9, 2019

St. Faustina fourth grade Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (C.C.D.) class recently participated in Stations of the Cross as part of its faith study. Each student said a Station of the Cross. Members of the fourth grade class, first row, from left, are Sophia Shea, Ella Alles, Gin and Carleigh Hufford. Second row: Zachary Zubritski, Rocco Halat, Juliana Percival, Dorienne Ondeck, and Elia Lowe. Third row: Alma Berlot, master catechist and teacher; Ethan Yendrzeiwski, Seth Piontkowski, Linda Bezdziecki, assistant, and Charlotte Golobek, director of religious education. Also participating were fourth grade students Michael Phillips, Brady Thomas, Haley Verazin, and Ryan Vida. A prayer was also offered in memory of Bible teacher and deacon, Thad Wadas. Awards day will be held April 28. All students attending will receive an honor award. The Rev. James R. Nash is pastor.