Backtalk: 9/7/2018

September 7, 2018

WELCOME BACK: Hello, Mr. Backtalk. I am calling again. You say you are printed every day, but I haven’t seen it every day. I miss you. I hope you come back soon.


Editor’s note: Due to the high volume of campaign endorsement letters received, the Backtalk feature was placed on hiatus. Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

PICK UP YOUR OWN TAB: We pay a tremendous amount as taxpayers for children to get a proper public-school education. Now because of early releases, they want us to start paying for day care for kids.


MAKING A SWITCH: I prefer Channel 4 for most of my TV news, however, Jon Keller is so far to the left I can not listen to him. I’m thinking of switching channels for good.


PANNING FOR REVENUE: Why not have the panhandlers register at City Hall and then send them a tax form to declare their earnings?


PETA’D OUT: I can’t support PETA anymore. They should go after domestic animal abuse, like the horses in Dracut, not the research animals. I will no longer donate to PETA.


HOW DARE YOU: To the man in the White House, how dare you disrespect a war hero. You never served a single day in military service, yet have the nerve to condemn a patriot.


SINKING FEELING: What Donald Trump did to John McCain is embarrassing. McCain was a war hero and a decent man. Whether you liked his politics or not. Trump is losing votes slowly and steadily. I voted for him but I won’t again.


FREE PASS: It’s against the law to park your car on the sidewalk yet the police ride around in Lowell and see all these cars at construction sites parked on the sidewalk. Why don’t they enforce the law? It’s because they always take care of their union brothers.


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