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April 4, 2013

Here are the Idaho enterprise stories for this week. The bureau can be reached at 208-343-1894. The photo supervisor is at (415) 495-1708 or (212) 621-1900.

Idaho Enterprise for April 6-7


BOISE — When the Senate Education Committee convenes in a basement wing of the Capitol, Sen. Steven Thayn and Sen. Branden Durst take their seats at opposite ends of the panel’s long wooden table, separated as much physically as they may appear politically and personally.Thayn is a demure, conservative 59-year-old former Spanish teacher from the town of Emmett, with eight children and 18 years under his belt as a dairy farmer. Durst is a 33-year-old Democrat from Boise’s southeast side, notably outspoken and a partner at a marketing and political research firm during the legislative offseason. But in many ways, the two first-term senators are not as ill-matched as it would appear. Both have a knack for bucking their respective party’s playbook. On several occasions in the last six years, they’ve found common ground working together on new ideas for public education, long one of the state’s most vexing policy issues. Together, they’ve formed an unlikely partnership they believe have brought fresh change to the educational landscape. By Hannah Furfaro.

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BOISE — Patti Tobias can barely stop smiling when she talks about her job running the engines of Idaho’s judicial system. But the longtime administrative director of Idaho state courts winces when congratulated on the national honor she just collected and the accolades heaped on her as part of that process. “Thank you,” she says, ducking slightly. “It’s very embarrassing.” Not that she’s ungrateful. She treasures the Warren E. Burger Award for Excellence in Court Administration, the Feb. 26 ceremony that was streamed live on Idaho Public Television and the thick, bound collection of nomination letters from across the nation. But she seems to prefer to see it as an honor for the system and people she serves. “This is everyone,” Tobias says. “It’s not just me.” The Burger Award, presented annually by the National Center for State Courts, recognizes a court administrator for expertise, leadership, integrity, creativity, innovation and judgment. According to the judges, lawmakers and other administrators she has worked with in Idaho and through national organizations, Tobias has those qualities in ample supply. By Kristin Rodine. The Idaho Statesman.

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COEUR D’ALENE — Brady Ulen is a sprinter. First and foremost, actually, Ulen is a soccer player — a defensive center back for Post Falls High School whose skills earned him a full-ride soccer scholarship to Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, Ore., beginning this fall. But Ulen sprints too. He can clock 200 meters in 22 seconds, and 400 takes around 51 - though when the two sports schedules conflict in the spring he chooses soccer over track every time. So when Ulen took off Saturday after a suspected car and wallet thief who was trying to outrun police, well, the suspect couldn’t outrun Ulen. “I probably ran faster there than I ever will in my life just because I had a little motivation in front of me,” the 17-year-old Post Falls senior said of the foot pursuit across a strip mall parking lot that ended in Ulen tackling the suspect who’s now sitting in jail. “Just an adrenaline rush.” Post Falls police arrested Brandon J. Lenker around 12:30 p.m. Saturday outside Nate’s New York Pizza near east Mullan Avenue and Highway 41 in Post Falls thanks to Ulen. Lenker is facing charges for grand theft, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, possession of stolen vehicle, eluding, driving while suspended and having an outstanding warrant from Bannock County, according to Kootenai County jail officials. His bond totals $52,100. But even before he corralled Lenker, Ulen tipped police to the suspect’s whereabouts. By Tom Hasslinger. The Coeur d’Alene Press.

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