City man accused of kidnapping woman

April 16, 2019

A Fort Wayne man was arrested early Monday on charges of kidnapping, robbery and unlicensed possession of a handgun. 

On March 27, Damontre T. Burnett, 19, forced a woman at gunpoint to drive him around the city, according to court documents.

Burnett, who also goes by the nickname “Money,” and his victim hung out at the victim’s home, according to police. While using the victim’s phone, Burnett allegedly saw a text from a man with whom Burnett had a problem.

After seeing the message, Burnett accused the victim of “trying to set me up” and allegedly pointed a handgun at her face.

Burnett then allegedly forced the victim into a car, leaving the victim’s 10-month-old child at home alone. 

″(The victim) then drove him around Lewis Street while he pointed the handgun with a laser sight at her until she stopped the car,” court documents state. “Burnett then pulled the keys out of the ignition and (the victim) fled on foot.”

The victim knocked on the door to a nearby house, but no one answered. She then jumped in front of a passing van and asked the driver to call police. Burnett fled on foot with the victim’s phone and keys and was not immediately located by police. 

Officers caught up with Burnett at about 12:30 a.m. Monday.

While on patrol, city police officers observed a vehicle in the area of Clinton Street and Medical Park Drive. The driver activated the turn signal late before turning south on Clinton Street from Parnell Avenue.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver would not pull over. The vehicle turned into a nearby parking lot and the car’s rear passenger, later identified as Burnett, threw a handgun out the window, according to police. 

The car came to a stop about 100 feet later when it reached a dead end in the parking lot. Officers located a 9 mm handgun lying by a nearby tree, the police report said.

The weapon had an extended magazine and a live round in the chamber, with a laser attachment that had broken and separated from the gun when it was thrown. 

The driver, Burnett’s sister Shardae Burnett, was also arrested and charged with assisting a criminal, resisting law enforcement and operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license. Her age was not provided.