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Danes Chase Neo-Nazis Out of Town; Hamburg Rally Broken Up

August 20, 1995

ROSKILDE, Denmark (AP) _ Neo-Nazis fled Roskilde under a barrage of bottles and cobblestones Saturday after an abortive demonstration in honor of onetime Hitler deputy Rudolf Hess.

Angry inhabitants attacked the 150 neo-Nazis from Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Britain, who had rallied to mark the eighth anniversary of Hess’ death.

Several people were injured during the fight, including two news photographers.

Scuffles broke out several times between neo-Nazis and Roskilde inhabitants shouting anti-fascist slogans. Police did not intervene.

Before the march, police arrested some 40 left-wing radicals who tried to block the neo-Nazis’ route. Local inhabitants threw bottles, stones and sticks at the neo-Nazis.

Roskilde is 25 miles west of Copenhagen.

Hess, once the No. 2 person in the Third Reich, hanged himself in a Berlin prison on Aug. 17, 1987, at age 93. His family claims he was murdered, and his death has inspired a cult among neo-Nazi youth.

The neo-Nazis had planned to march to the Roskilde prison, where American neo-Nazi Gary Lauck had been held until his transfer to a Copenhagen prison last week.

Lauck, of Lincoln, Neb., was arrested in Denmark in March on an extradition request from Germany, where he faces charges of distributing illegal racist propaganda and Nazi symbols.

If tried and convicted in Germany, Lauck could be jailed for five years.

In Germany, border police turned back more than 80 skinheads trying to cross into Denmark to take part in the Roskilde demonstration.

More than 100 rightists have been arrested across Germany in recent days as they tried to stage neo-Nazi rallies.

German neo-Nazis have played cat-and-mouse with authorities on the anniversary, using cellular phones and computer mailboxes to try to rally where police won’t intervene.

They found such a place in Schneverdingen, Lower Saxony, where about 250 neo-Nazis marched for two hours Saturday chanting ``Fame and Honor for Hess,″ said police officer Guenther Frick.

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