Orchids and Onions: Thursday, January 17, 2019

January 17, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the Lake Havasu School District. A beautiful, newly renovated high school track, paid for by taxpayer dollars, but closed to the public that paid for it. Will never vote yes for a bond measure again.

Orchids to the rescuers when I flat-out missed my chair while sitting down at the hospital. Now, just how did I do that? Getting’ ol’, ya’ reckon? Marlene

Onions to all who line up in the merge lane to pass on the right. NB 95 at Mulberry.

Orchids to Stidham roofers who performed maintenance on the roof on Lunar. Cold, nasty and windy? Is that better than hotter ’n Hades?

Onions to the gullible doofuses who took seriously the Wisconsinite onion saying dairy products should be at the front of the store. You were all played. If you knew anything about cheese heads you’d know what they really want within easy reach is beer!

Orchids to Rebel BBQ, but you should be arrested. That #4 breakfast sandwich is highly addictive! I’m hooked, but refusing rehab.

Onions per snowbirds/anyone on vacation using ER. Don’t blame them, blame the health care system. I would love to use a walk-in clinic but my insurance will only cover the ER. Pay over $800 monthly to be covered in 8 states. Could pay over $1200 for better coverage. Instead pray I stay healthy.

Orchids to Shawn who found our German Sheppard on Saturday after the bombs in the desert spooked him and he jumped the wall. We can’t thank you enough. Nuggets Mom and Dad

Onions to my doctor. Scheduled last appointment of day to avoid waiting. Waiting room hot, stinky, and packed like sardines and people waiting outside – with a wait time of two hours. So rude and inconsiderate, especially elderly and disabled. Could have courtesy to call last scheduled to reschedule/save wasted trip.

Orchids to the Colonel who manages all LHC roadways. You finally got around to the tank trap at McCulloch and Jamaica. Now, gotta find my gizzard which was dislocated from that huge bump.

Onions to whomever took the bark box from our car at Smith’s. No dog treats, just some old sock slippers and road maps a friend left at our house.

Orchids to Megan at Denny’s. Always great service, and the sweetest girl like no other.

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