Brock talks blight, search in Scottville

May 8, 2019

SCOTTVILLE — City officials on Monday approved a bid from Krieger Building Company for construction and restoration work at the Riverside Park pavilion.

The work will include roofing, siding, paving, concrete work and painting, according to Interim City Manager Steve Brock, who discussed the bids with commissioners.

“We only got two proposals in writing by the end of the day (Monday) to fix up the pavilion at Riverside Park,” Brock said, noting that the other proposal was from an individual who was not licensed or insured as a contractor.

With the encouragement of City Attorney Tracy Thompson, Brock advised against using an unlicensed contractor for city projects, and urged commissioners to approve the bid from Krieger, which was for $10,000.

“My recommendation is that you go with Scott Krieger Construction,” Brock said. “He’s licensed and insured.”

A motion to accept the bid was made by Rob Alway and supported by Marcy Spencer. Commissioners unanimously approved the motion with the exception of Krieger, who abstained from voting because of a family relationship with the owner of the company.

Brock said the Riverside Park improvements would be a good chance for the city to “lead by example,” and commit to fixing up and maintaining a structure — something he hopes Scottville’s residents will do with their homes and properties in an effort to combat blight in the city.

Brock identified blight as a top priority during his tenure in the city manager position.

“I know spring time and snow somehow magically breeds stuff in people’s yards, but the snow’s gone, and it’s time to clean things up,” Brock said. “We’re going to be diligent about that.”

Brock said in the week since he first arrived at city hall, he has met with the ordinance committee to review the city’s blighted properties list.

“They have a long list of follow-up items, and I’ll be working with the city attorney to make sure we get back on that,” he said. “This time of year, that needs to happen.”

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