9. Des Moines, IA

November 9, 2018

Photo Credit: Dave Newman / Alamy Stock Photo

Percent of workers who live <10 min. from work: 14.5%Mean one-way commute: 18.7 minutesCommuter profile: Car: 88.9%, Public transit: 2.1%, Walk: 3.4%, Bicycle: 0.6%Median home value: $134,300Median rent (2br): $827

Des Moines, the state capital of Iowa, is known for its snowy winters, State Fair, and low cost of living. While the downtown area of the city is pedestrian-friendly and has sky bridges for those cold winter days, most commuters will need to travel by car for longer distances. The Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority also offers bus service, although this is limited on evenings and weekends.

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