Use fund to invest in golf courses -- Tom Klement

January 18, 2019

I agree that the Medical Society property on Lake Monona in Madison is a “once-in-a-generation -- or forever -- opportunity” for the city to purchase.

But I find it interesting that the Madison Parks Division and city administration don’t look at potential golf course closings as a “forever” decision, which it will be if it happens.

Though the Medical Society land will not generate the income to maintain it, yes, it is a good investment in the community instead of letting it get into the hands of condo developers. So Madison, buy that property. Then take the rest of this Parkland Impact Fund and revitalize and promote the other gems -- the Madison golf courses.

These are parks that at least generate a good amount of income and, oh, while you’re at it, hire back the golf pros to bring the city golf courses back to their former glory again.

Tom Klement, McFarland

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