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Missing For Five Weeks, Memory Lost, Man Wanders Back to Childhood Home

March 25, 1992

LITCHFIELD, Minn. (AP) _ Following his instincts and a map in his mind, a man who was missing for five weeks wandered 100 miles to his childhood home and was recognized by an acquaintance.

″I don’t know who I am. I don’t know where I am. But something seems familiar,″ he told the woman at the door.

″Why, you’re Stephen Curry.″

″I am?″

Curry, a 42-year-old father of six and a teacher at First Baptist Church School in Rosemount, disappeared Feb. 17 after telling his wife he was going hunting.

His van was found parked at his favorite hunting spot beside the Vermillion River that day, but the search was called off March 9.

On Tuesday, he appeared at the door of Sharon Reinke, who hadn’t seen Curry since her family bought his farm 25 years ago.

No one knows how Curry lost his memory or how he traveled about 100 miles northwest from where his van was found to Litchfield.

There was no indication of physical trauma. He had $40 in his pocket but no wallet and will see a doctor today, his family said.

Reinke called Curry’s mother and brother, who still live in the town, situated 65 miles west of Minneapolis.

Curry did not recognize his mother when she hugged him, or his wife, his brother or his children. The family spent Tuesday night paging through photo albums, trying to jog his memories. But they were sketchy: a school, a barn, a trail where he rode horses as a boy.

″There’s always a concern that his memory might not come back. His mind is a complete blank,″ said his brother, Jim.

Reinke said he told her he had hitchhiked 60 miles from the Twin Cities to Litchfield after a reference to Hwy. 7 rang a bell.

He recognized the gravel road that leads to the farm, and he walked the last two miles, he told the family.

″Somehow, somewhere he’d turn up. That was our hope and our prayer and it came true,″ said Curry’s uncle, Frank. ″None of us had given up hope.″