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NATO Missiles Hit Chinese Embassy

May 7, 1999

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ NATO jets early Saturday struck the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, setting the two story building on fire. There were apparently no deaths among embassy staff.

The 26 staff members who lived in the building were taken to a hospital but officials said none was seriously injured.

Fire trucks converged on the scene, which was engulfed in smoke.

Police told reporters at the site that there were injured but there were no further details.

The bombing is likely to complicate efforts to reach a peace agreement in Yugoslavia. China is a permanent member of the Security Council, which the United States is trying to get to approve its peace plan. China had been strongly opposed to the bombing campaign and sided with the Serbs in the Kosovo issue.

In Brussels, Belgium, NATO spokeswoman Vicki Nielsen said she was not ``in a position to confirm or deny″ that the embassy had been hit.

Goran Matic, a Yugoslav minister without portfolio, said there were 26 people inside the building which took two hits. All were evacuated. Some were injured.

``Now I would like to see how NATO will justify this,″ Matic said. ``It was a deliberate targeting of the Chinese embassy. It’s high time to end this madness. Everybody has to sit and talk.″

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