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Prosecutors Demanding Prison Terms For Alleged Spies

January 22, 1988

TOKYO (AP) _ Prosecutors demanded prison terms of two to four years for four Japanese accused of selling stolen U.S. military documents to the Soviets and Chinese, a laywer defending one of the accused said today.

Lawyer Yoshio Watanabe said prosecutors at the Tokyo District Court on Thursday sought a four-year prison term and $8,000 fine for Hiromi Date, a four-year jail term for Masateru Tachibana, a three-year jail term for Hiroshi Osumi and a two-year and six-month term and $1,500 fine for Sadao Gotoh.

The four, all aged around 60, are accused of stealing documents on U.S. military planes from the U.S. Air Force base in Yokota, west of Tokyo, and selling them to a Soviet government official in Tokyo and a Chinese official in China.

The documents had been declassified.

Hiroshi Osumi is charged with stealing documents from the Yokota Air Base library, where he worked. He admitted stealing the documents and selling them to Masateru Tachibana for $71,500 between April and May of last year.

Tachibana, a military writer and former employee at another U.S. air base in Japan, is accused of selling the documents to the two other defendants, Hiromi Date and Sadao Gotoh, for $538,400.

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