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Judge Wants Report On Man In Custody Despite Innocent By Reason Of Insanity

February 12, 1986

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A man who held a hostage for 63 hours with a sawed-off shotgun wired to his neck remains in custody nearly nine years after he was found innocent by reason of insanity, and a judge wants to know why.

Anthony G. Kiritsis was charged with armed robbery, extortion and kidnapping in February 1977 after taking mortgage executive Richard O.Hall hostage in a dispute over a loan.

Much of the ordeal occurred in downtown Indianapolis and was televised live.

Special Judge Jeffrey V. Boles of Hendricks Circuit Court on Tuesday ordered the state Department of Mental Health to submit a report by Feb. 28 explaining why Kiritsis, now 53, should be kept in custody as an involuntarily committed person.

Kiritsis, 53, has been held in state hospitals and the State Reformatory since his trial under a comptempt of court order for his refusal to submit to mental and psychological tests that might free him. In 1981 a probate judge had him committed to a state mental facility, saying he was dangerous to himself and others.

Boles revoked the comtempt citation last October, clearing the way for legal action to free him.

His latest order follows receipt of two ″proposed treatment plans″ that the court requested late last year and were completed in December and January.

Boles said Tuesday the treatment plans were not what he expected. ″I was expecting something, a diagnosis, on which a decision could be made about Mr. Kiritsis’ commitment,″ he said.

Boles instructed Gary P. Price, Kiritsis’ court-appointed counsel, to prepare objections to the treatment plans and and told him and Deputy Attorney General Michael Schaefer to prepare for a full hearing in late March.

Boles told them that, based on two treatment plans submitted by Logansport State Hospital physicians, ″I can’t see any reason to keep him where he is.″

Kiritsis was transferred from the Indiana State Reformatory to Logansport last year and is being held in the facility’s maximum security unit for the criminally insane.

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