Girl to be cited for Athletic Field damage

July 28, 2018

Beaver Dam police reported that a girl will have charges referred against her for criminal damage of property for allegedly causing the graffiti in the bathrooms at Athletic Field.

“Thank you to all that came forward with information,” the police department posted on its Facebook page. “Our jobs are much easier when we have a great relationship with the community.”

An employee of the Beaver Dam Parks Department found the messages in the bathrooms on July 17.

In pictures posted by the police department on Facebook, a person or persons appear to have spray painted hearts, smiley faces, “I Love You,” “DIE,” an Eye of Providence symbol, hearts, “I’M WATCHING,” “Sad!” and a possible reference to the “chicken strips” Vine video.

Police did not post pictures of graffiti that they said included “heinous and racially charged” language.

The graffiti was cleaned up by the city.

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