Get to Know: Lance Barnett

December 24, 2018

Lance Barnett

Age: 33

Job: Manager at 192 Brewing Company in Mount Vernon.

Residence: Mount Vernon

Education: Mount Vernon High School, then graduated from Skagit Valley College’s Craft Brewing Academy.

Hobbies: Hiking, brewing and shooting pool.

Best part of living in Skagit County: It’s close to nature, but also to more urban areas such as Bellingham and Seattle. “Anything you want to do is just a drive away.” It’s also an agricultural center with access to fresh produce, including grain used in brewing. “It’s a great place for a brewery.”

Interesting fact about me: Used to homebrew beer. “I always enjoyed beer, so I thought ‘Why not make it myself?’ It’s just fun to make your own recipes and share them with friends.”

When I was younger, I wanted to be: A police officer.

Biggest pet peeve: “People who don’t use their blinkers (when driving).”

First job: Picking spinach, then working at the Dairy Queen in Mount Vernon.

Best Job: Working for 192 Brewing.

One thing that brightens your day: Serving a beer to one of his regulars. “Everyone’s happy to see you when you’re pouring them a beer.”

Person you admire most: “My mom. She was a single mother ... and she had to deal with me when I was growing up. It wasn’t easy.”

One thing that would make the world a better place: “Everyone just needs to get along with each other.”

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