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Major Developments in Attacks

September 13, 2001

Developments Thursday related to Tuesday’s terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon:

_ Rescuers digging through the rubble that was once the World Trade Center pull out five firefighters who survived three days trapped in a buried SUV. Three walked away; there was no word on the condition of the other two. Rescue crews continued to sift through smoking ruins and body parts. Ninety-four people were confirmed dead and 4,763 people had been reported missing.

_ A Pentagon official says about 190 people died in the attack there, a preliminary figure which includes the passengers aboard the airliner that slammed into the building.

_ Fighting back tears, President Bush vows that America will ``lead the world to victory″ over terrorism in a struggle he termed the first war of the 21st century.

_ Attorney General John Ashcroft says the FBI was working on ``thousands and thousands of leads″ in the investigation of the attacks. While there had been no arrests, he said, authorities had interviewed many people.

_ Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz says the United States will respond with a sustained military campaign; he did not name a target or discuss specific military options.

_ Federal aviation officials reopen the nation’s skies for limited travel, but only a handful of travelers trickle in and are met by federal marshals, police and canine units as part of the government’s new security measures.

_ Stock market officials announce that trading will resume Monday, ending a four-day shutdown. Market systems are scheduled to be tested Saturday to be sure trading can proceed.

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