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LETTER: ‘Only liberals are free to say and believe what they want ...’

Staff WriterMay 22, 2019

Leonard Pitts made the point in his May 17 column on The Journal’s Opinion page that America has become a nation where the stranger is demonized, the poor exploited, justice is obstructed, and we worry too much about men having sex with men. Pitts’ comments were in reference to Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech at a conservative Christian college where the VP encouraged Christian students to stand strong when attacked for their biblical beliefs.

Pitts has his own reality, but these students live in the real world where border enforcement is demonized, the poor get free food, phones and medical care that the rest of us can barely afford, justice only applies to liberals like Pitts, and any one of us can be charged with a hate crime for denouncing sexual perversion. Only liberals are free to say and believe what they want while they call the rest of America racist dictators.

November 2020 cannot come soon enough for me. Mike Hanlon, Sioux City

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