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Mass. Town Evacuated After Flood

July 10, 1999

LYNN, Mass. (AP) _ A 4-foot-diameter water main ruptured in a towering spout of water Saturday, and residents were evacuated by rubber raft as their neighborhood flooded.

Water flowed 2 1/2 feet deep in the streets of a five-block area.

``The water is shooting 100 feet in the air. It looks like the Old Faithful geyser,″ said John Blake, whose home was not among those flooded. ``The houses are really getting pounded. It must be millions of gallons of water.″

Emergency personnel used rubber rafts to evacuate people whose homes were flooded. The geysers was reduced to a trickle by late morning.

No injuries were reported. Local officials had no immediate explanation for the break, but Blake said the city had been working on old water mains in the area.

``When the break happened, my power went out and when I went outside I could barely see across the street because of the water spout,″ said Bob Dowgos, whose house escaped damage. ``I’ve seen a lot of water main breaks since I work for a plumbing company but nothing like this.″

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