Where are doctors’ views on Medicare for all?

February 27, 2019

The article “Opinions mixed on ‘Medicare for all’,” (The News-Times, Feb. 24) is yet another example of doctors’ voices being absent in the debate on “Medicare for all.”

Publicizing policy makers’ and financial experts’ opinions while sidestepping physicians makes the discussion incomplete

Private insurers have created a hodgepodge of different plans that confuse patients. Worse, premiums and co-pays increase every year, and doctors often have to get permission to prescribe medications and to refer patients to specialists.

Physicians are fed up with the time-consuming regulations imposed by insurers. They are distracting and take time away from treating their patients. They can even lead to errors.

Almost every day patients complain to me that their physicians are often too busy doing paperwork and working on their computers to give them the attention they seek.

Medical journalists must seek out physicians’ opinions on why they support “Medicare for all.”

Edward Volpintesta, MD