New Bluffs Middle School principal supports teachers, students

August 29, 2018

SCOTTSBLUFF — Intuitive and a natural leader are some of the qualities of Bluffs Middle School’s new assistant principal.

Bree Rock began her 12th year as an employee in the Scottsbluff School District, but now her role is to support teachers and ensure they have the necessary tools to support students’ academic success.

Rock is fulfilling the role as assistant principal at Bluffs Middle School. Prior to becoming an administrator, Rock was a Spanish teacher, teaching one year at Scottsbluff High School and 10 years at Bluffs Middle School.

“I was looking for a new challenge,” she said. “It’s so different, but in a good way.”

Rock said the major distinction between a teacher and an administrator is the focus.

“A teacher is focused on dealing with the students, which administrators are, too, but we also focus on interacting with parents.”

As she continues to transition into her new role and learn her responsibilities, she is grateful to have two smart and organized colleagues train her — Bluffs Middle School Principal Jana Mason and Athletic Director Jason Blanco. Some of her responsibilities are to address student behavior, support teachers and reach out to families.

“Jason has been very instrumental in Bree’s successful transition from the classroom to administration,” said Mason. “We will continue to provide strong leadership and guidance throughout the year.”

“Both she and Jason Blanco make our administrative team very strong,” said Mason. “I am very honored and thankful for the opportunity to work with both of them this year.”

While she is not in front of the classroom teaching, Rock still visits the classroom. She visits several classrooms and gets to see how other teachers interact and teach students. From those sit-ins, she is always learning something and even discovered ways of instruction she wished she would have tried when she taught.

Rock and her husband, Nate Rock, are both employed by the Scottsbluff School District. They have two children, Oliver and Emerson. Oliver started first grade at Longfellow Elementary and Emerson is in pre-K. They have roots in the community and have no intention of leaving soon.


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