Horse Creek Academy to hold a Moving-On-Up Night

March 9, 2019

Horse Creek Academy Charter School will hold a Moving-On-Up Night at 6 p.m Tuesday for all the Aiken community’s fifth-grade students.

Horse Creek Academy’s Moving-On-Up Night will give parents and their student the opportunity to learn about the school’s 6th-Grade Institute, tour classrooms, meet 6th-grade teachers and find out how to enroll for the upcoming school year.

The event is in support school choice, according to a news release from the school. It is documented that when parents have a say about where and how their children are educated, their student learn and achieve at higher levels. Additionally, their social and emotional skills improve greatly, according to the release.

The school’s mission is “to create a challenging learning environment with high academic and social expectations through developmentally appropriate, flexible and innovative instruction that allows each student to realize and confidently possess their full potential. We strive to provide parents and children with a choice in a free public education,” according to its Facebook page.

Horse Creek Academy is chartered by the Aiken County Public School District.

Horse Creek Academy is at 1200 Toolebeck Road.