Christian artists tell stories of faith at Beatrice concert

October 6, 2018

The “We Are One” tour featuring Christian artists Dan Bremnes, Plumb and Unspoken, presented a concert on Thursday evening at Christ Community Church in Beatrice.

Dan Bremnes opened the evening with “Wherever I Go,” a song based on Joshua 1:9.

“I don’t know what brought you here tonight, but I’m guessing my story is probably similar to yours,” Bremnes said. “No matter where you are coming from, God meets us there. We live differently because Jesus lives in us.”

Bremnes shared that he grew up in Canada as a pastor’s son and was involved in the church throughout his life.

“If the doors were open and the lights were on, I was there,” he said. “But at one point, I realized that I knew a lot about God, but I didn’t know God. I was missing the point. It’s like going to your favorite restaurant, but not ordering food.

“I found in my search to know God that he only expects two things: love him with your heart and soul and love your neighbor,” he said.

Bremnes also shared that he and his wife are sponsoring a child through World Vision.

“He was seven and lived in Dominican Republic in extreme poverty. It was great to write him and pray for him, but I began to see poverty as a mountain that we could never move,” he said.

The couple had the opportunity to travel to his village and meet him, escorted by the military because of the danger of the country.

“The police wouldn’t even go there because of the danger,” Bremnes said. “But we heard singing and in that small church we saw hope. We saw Jesus.”

They met the boy and his family. His parents said that they worked six to seven days a week and made on average a dollar a day.

“His father tried to give us gifts, but I didn’t want to take them,” Bremnes said. “Through the translator he said ‘this sponsorship of our child is the biggest thing that ever happened to our family.’”

After a long pause, Bremnes said, “God doesn’t ask us to move mountains. He asks us to love our neighbor and now I see that one person can make a difference.”

Chad Mattson, lead vocalist for the band Unspoken, said they were glad to be in Nebraska and blessed to be a part of the “We are One” tour.

“None of us are here to take center stage. That’s reserved for Jesus,” said Mattson.

Mattson told a story about his 11-year-old son, saying that this summer he realized how hard he was being on him by pointing out his mistakes constantly and not building him up.

“Finally he said to me ‘Dad, I want to do the right thing.’ We are the same with God. We want to do the right thing, but we fall short. The good news is that God loves us despite or mistakes. My prayers is that he will use those mistakes to his glory.”

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, better known by her stage name Plumb, asked the audience to go with her on a journey from darkness to light and from brokenness to healing.

Christ Community Church will host Big Daddy Weave concert on Nov. 13, as well as a Christmas concert in December.

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