Rexburg man has ‘big idea’ for construction project management system

December 26, 2018

REXBURG — The city of Rexburg recently held a Big Idea Competition and winners were announced that night.

The third-place winners were Fred Rushton and Katy Ruston.

The second-place winners were Andrea Tice and Tommy Dedrick.

The first-place winners were Adam Evarts and Derrick Whiting.

The first-place winners won with their vision of a new construction project management system, Allucent. During their presentation, Evarts, a faculty member at Brigham Young University-Idaho, spoke about their project and the how it could benefit construction companies as well as his history within the industry. His partner Whiting briefly spoke about the project before their time was up. Whiting, a software engineer for General Motors, Skyped into the competition and was actually in Texas at the time.

“We’re in the process of developing a full-scale construction project management system,” Evarts said.

“Focused on identifying inefficient processes and designing simplistic, but comprehensive technology rich solutions,” according to their website, “we create extremely efficient work flows, allowing you to stop wasting time on the process and start focusing on what really matters.”

Evarts says that the idea for their new business came from his time working in construction management for 11 years.

“From the very beginning, of working in that industry, I’ve always felt like the future of the industry is software integration into our workflows,” Evarts said.

He said it all started with a question he asked himself.

“How do I make the processes that I’m completing on a daily basis more automated?” Evarts said. “And by doing so I can take away the mundane data entry or redundant work that a computer could do for me.”

He said that while he was working, he went back to school to get a master’s degree in information systems, specializing in software programming.

Evarts said that he wanted to “actually have some of the tools to move forward with creating the things that I thought was necessary for the industry.”

He said Whiting came into the picture when he was working on prototypes.

“Derrick is actually a cousin of my wife,” Evarts said. “So we’ve known each other for over 15 years. He’s actually currently a software engineer for General Motors. It was my idea, but then I brought him in because I knew that he had that programing experience that would really help with that.”

Evarts said they started experimenting with putting JavaScript inside PDF documents to automate tasks inside the document.

Then Evarts was asked to present their prototype at the Bluebeam Extreme Conference on Sept. 18 in Austin, Texas. He asked Whiting to present with him at the conference and to start a business together.

“I brought Derrick on, saying, ‘Hey I really want to go farther with these ideas that have been created before the conference so let’s work together and we can start a business out of this,’” Evarts said. “‘But we will present our initial prototype product at the conference.’”

At the Big Idea Competition, they won $500.

“The prize money is going to go toward actually establishing the actual business entity,” Evarts said. “We already have a website up and operational, we have a Linkedin page up and operational, and we already have those prototypes available.”

Evarts says that they hope to one day supply a better product for cheaper than their competitors.

“We want to sell it cheap,” Evarts said. “And we want to make it even more efficient than the current offerings because a lot of the current offerings, they just don’t service the industry well. They’re not efficient or very well integrated.”

For more information about their business, visit allucent.io.

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