MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Latest on Wisconsin's negotiations with Foxconn (all times local):

4 p.m.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is downplaying talk of an imminent deal for iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to build its first U.S. plant in Wisconsin.

Walker told reporters on Thursday that there is no specific proposal on the table to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin. He says, "Anything that's being talked about right now is purely speculative."

He even refused to confirm that Wisconsin is even talking with Foxconn, even though House Speaker Paul Ryan and others have said negotiations are ongoing.

Walker also says anything Wisconsin may be doing to attract Foxconn is "disconnected" and "irrelevant" to Michigan passing an incentive package last week.

Two Republican state lawmakers said Thursday that the state could announce a deal for Foxconn to invest up to $7 billion in the state within two weeks.


11 a.m.

A Republican co-chair of the Legislature's budget committee says any incentives to lure Foxconn to Wisconsin wouldn't be included in the state budget for the next two years.

But Rep. John Nygren tells The Associated Press on Thursday that the next budget is indirectly affected by talks with Foxconn because money committed for tax cuts may be needed for incentives to attract the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Nygren says he agrees with fellow Republican Sen. Luther Olsen that Foxconn and the state could have a deal to locate a plant in Wisconsin by the end of the month. He says finalizing the incentive package is a big part of closing that deal.

Nygren says he doesn't know how much money the state may offer Foxconn.


10:01 a.m.

A Republican state senator says the state may reach a deal with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn by the end of the month and budget talks are being delayed as an incentive package is worked out.

Sen. Luther Olsen tells The Associated Press on Thursday that talks are ongoing about what incentives the state may have to offer to get the iPhone manufacturer to commit.

Olsen says, "I think we should hold off on settling the budget until we know what's going on with this."

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald tells AP that "huge, big numbers" are being talked about to help land Foxconn. But he says he hasn't discussed them yet with his caucus.

Olsen says the state must be in "fiscal shape to fulfill the obligation" to Foxconn.